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Londonist JukeBox

One of the briefs for Londonist's music writers has always been to cover London's new, unsigned or unheard bands. And maybe a few from out of town who we think are particularly special. We run reviews and interviews but the proof of the pudding is in the listening so we're also collecting songs for you to listen to.

Rather than browse our collection of interviews or music posts to track down these terrific tunes, we've gathered them all here for you in one easy alphabetical list, plus a few links and comments to help. New additions are listed at the top and will eventually find their way into the main archive after a couple of months. So here goes, click away and enjoy...


STOP LOOK LOOK AGAIN LISTEN This Is The Kit Guitar and voice and sometimes banjo thisisthekitthumb.gif "We listened, and loved what we heard immediately" For All That Fills Your Limbs Last Man Standing Big-band psychadelic glam LMSthumb.jpg "An assortment of downtrodden & bedraggled misfits most of them named Andre, Artemis, or Quint." Waiting So Long The Schla La Las Rock and Roll, plain and simple but artfully done schlalalasthumb.jpg "we always make an effort to bring a bit of glamour the sticky-floored venues that we play" Up For It


STOP LOOK LOOK AGAIN LISTEN The Broken Family Band Indie rock with a twang! bfbthumb.jpg "I’ve always answered that question by saying we’re an indie rock band with a twang." Song Against Robots The Delta Blues Southern styled Manc rock tdbthumb.jpg "infectious Lynryd Skynryd / Little Feat boogie pickings" East Of LA Donderdag Britpop party donderdagthumb.jpg "their pastures are unashamedly the wrong shade of the green and all the more enjoyable for it" Party The Eighteenth Day Of May Fairport acid folk edomthumb.jpg "just revel in the fact that (this) is the sound of an excellent band we expect to get even better" The Highest Tree Fiona Bevan Mellow jazzy acoustica fionabevanswimmingthumb.jpg "this is one of the best EPs we've heard for a long time, let alone a debut EP from an unsigned artist" Wrong Boy Four Day Hombre Euphoric indie prog experiments.jpg "We’re the old Elbow wearing slimming underwear with slightly worse beards and a smaller budget." Inertia Kaibosh Melodic gritty rock kaiboshthumb.jpg "you can easily imagine Kaibosh at next year's Reading given a few lucky breaks" I Took That From You Pungza Urban doom metal pungzamonstersthumb.jpg "the soundtrack to our eventual disembowelment by the overwhelming, shuffling, hordes of the undead" Cove Schmoof ZX Spectrum electro-pop scmoofthumb.jpg "old school synths, pixelated projections, pink pvc and songs about boyfriends and chocolate" Sweet Child O Mine The Sways Eccentric English pastoral odd-ditties swaysthumb.jpg "a band who in their own words are the musical equivalent of Marmite" Way I Say

And although we shouldn't have to say this, all competitions are now closed.

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