London Transport Awards

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London Transport Awards

You can fault London Underground for a lot of things, but you have to admit that their timing is impeccable.

Honestly, what better time is there to ask commuters to nominate 'outstanding' Tube staff than directly between two controversial strikes, the first of which threatened to ruin everyone's New Year celebrations?

It's nothing short of PR genius.

The catchily titled London Underground Station Customer Service Team of the Year Award is the part of the annual Transport Awards which is open to the public. The idea being that us 'customers' nominate our favourite station staff based on "the helpfulness of staff – do they go out of their way to help you in both day-to-day situations as well as in out of the ordinary circumstances? Do staff keep you well informed? Are they well presented and the station clean and tidy, with up-to-date information on display?"

Now, strike-related facetiousness aside, we have to admit that we'd struggle here (despite the offer of a £100 Oyster card for one lucky voter), simply because our experience of tube stations is really limited to the two or three that we pass through on our way to and from work, and that doesn't really give us a very objective basis on which to cast our vote (or are we taking this too seriously?).

Although, having said that, we lost our phone in Liverpool Street Station last year and the staff were incredibly helpful and understanding.

Last Updated 04 January 2006