God Bless George Galloway

By Rob Last edited 154 months ago
God Bless George Galloway

That's not sarcasm, we mean it most sincerely. So sincerely in fact that we're going to write it again... in capital letters.


Amen to that.

Why do we love George so much? Well for a start if it weren't for George we might be forced to write about Pete Doherty, and the thought of that is so depressing it's almost enough to make us to grow a moustache and start smoking cigars.

And secondly (and this is a tough one for us to admit, so bear with us).... it turns out we might have been wrong about George.

You see, when he entered the Big Borether house we (and many others) speculated that being locked up with Rula Lenska etc might actually prevent Georgie Boy from performing his day-to-day parliamentary duties. But it looks like we may have underestimated George a little, because as the Independent points out today he's managed to sign his name to various Commons motions despite being locked away at Channel 4's pleasure:

He missed a Westminster debate on the Crossrail east-west railway link that would pass through his east London constituency, but his name has mysteriously appeared on a series of Commons motions.

We're also told that Michael Martin, the Speaker has agreed to investigate this seemingly impossible feat and that he had managed to catch "the episode of the programme in which Mr Galloway impersonated a cat," (If you're the Speaker of the House watching E4's live coverage can presumably be passed off as 'research').

In what must surely be one of the quotes of 2006 so far, Chris Bryant, the Labour MP for Rhondda, told the Commons yesterday that that GG was "not exactly present and in communicado", at the moment. But,"He managed to sign early day motions last Thursday - 12 of them on the Order paper today - one of them for abandoned animals for Christmas. I don't know whether a cat was included."

So Londonist must now apologise to George Galloway for our hasty and misinformed criticisms of his ability to be in two places at once and we look forward to further and even more impressive feats of omnipotence in the near future.

Last Updated 17 January 2006