Go With The Flo

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Go With The Flo

Back in September of last year we made a solemn promise that we would "no longer publish any information regarding the self-proclaimed artist, Mark McGowan, as it is quite obvious to us that he is a bit of a dickhead".

We're about to break that promise, sorry.

You see, right now McGowan is crawling his way to Canterbury in order to "highlight the plight of everyone who has to spend Christmas alone, including the elderly."

We're not going to get into the merits of this endavour, as we think we've already made our feelings regarding this bloke pretty clear already. We would like to do some highlighting of our own however.

Over at the This is Local London news site today you'll find the story of one Flo Tucker, an 82-year-old who wants your help to find a bloke, because:

She has had enough of shouting "eh" in the ears of the men around her.

Flo (whose favourite tipple is Tia Maria and diet cola and who loves ballroom dancing) wants a tall, dark man to sweep her off her feet as well as someone "who likes a drink, preferably lager, but I don't just want any Tom, Dick or Harry you find in the pub."

While McGowan's stunt has made the BBC, Rose's story has only been picked up by the Mega Shopper, we're hoping we can do something to redress that balance.

(In the meantime we'd absolutely love to know what Flo's opinions of McGowan are...although we can make an educated guess.)

Last Updated 03 January 2006