Gig Clash Terror

By Talia Last edited 154 months ago
Gig Clash Terror

Oh bloody hell! Too many good gigs clash with each other this week and it's causing a lot of trauma in the heads of those at Londonist Towers.

Tomorrow the hugely underrated new girl rock/pop act Love Bites are on stage in Islington Bar Academy at exactly the same time the delectable Sarah Nixey takes to the stage downstairs at the actual academy supporting ex fellow bandmate, Luke Haines. Then 5 minutes up the road, John Cale is taking to the stage at the Garage. We are so going to have to put our running shoes on. Seriously though, if Sarah Nixey reappears during the main gig and does some Black Box Recorder songs and we've left to watch the Love Bites, we will be really really really mad.

But to tonight! Tonight sees a horrible horrible favourite band of your teens vs favourite new going to be huge band major major clash!

First up the new kids on the block, Boy Kill Boy, will be playing at a not really advertised at all, low key gig at Islington Bar Academy. It's so unadvertised that amazingly tickets are still on sale. They'll be on stage at 9, and although it won't be a full blown big stage gig, we get the distinct feeling it might possibly blow our minds.

Seeing Boy Kill Boy though means that we are going to miss out on the free delight of the wonderous Placebo. Yes, that's right - Placebo, London, Free, Live, Tonight. And we are missing this why??

Basically this is the sitch. The band are recording their video for their new single Because We Want You at Koko in Camden (nearest tube Mornington Crescent). If you want to be in it, then make sure you are at Koko by 6.30pm and have ID proving you are over 16. If the hardcore Placebo fans that we know are anything to go by, then you might have actually had to get there 10 weeks ago to even hope of getting in, but we'll hope the cold put them off. Doors close at 7.30pm or when the venue is full and filming will go on till about 10. Then the best bit - when filming is over, Placebo will perform some songs to say thanks. *sob*

So, take your pick. We'll be at Boy Kill Boy, but if you go to Placebo please let us know how it was, and make us insanely jealous

Last Updated 24 January 2006