Giant Valentines Message Board On South Bank

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Giant Valentines Message Board On South Bank



South Bank

That’s one potential message hidden on a giant piece of new artwork near the Royal Festival Hall. Students at Central St Martins have created a 20-m wide installation to bring a bit of lovin’ back to the capital.

The artwork starts off as a big silver panel. Kind of like a leftover part from the nearby Jubilee line. Passers-by are being asked to scratch at the silver top layer to reveal the hidden messages below. Day by day, as more of the surface is removed, the installation will transform from scratch card to Valentines card.

Jude Kelly, artistic director of the South Bank Centre, said: ‘We hope to bring some romance to London's commuters with this installation’.

'At the same time, the sudden and massive influx of silver oxide into the nearby Thames should put pay to any further whale incidents by killing off all aquatic life downstream for seven miles,' she didn't go on to say.

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Picture from the BBC

Last Updated 30 January 2006