Fun With Google

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Last Updated 26 January 2006

Fun With Google

Where would we be without Google? Still using Altavista, probably. Anyway, the Little Search Engine That Could has thrown up a fascinating, but utterly pointless, exercise in urbanism.

Some places become so associated with a certain class of person or lifestyle that they become intrinsically associated. Thanks to Mr Tony Blair and his cohorts, the word Islington now conjures a whole range of desirable and undesirable overtones - polenta, The Guardian, metropolitan middle class smugness and so on.

And so, dear reader, we pose you this question. What do the following places have in common?

Strathbungo, Glasgow

... and Garnethill, Glasgow

The Cliff, Manchester

... and West Didsbury, Manchester

South Street, Philadelphia

Paddington, Sydney

The Marais, Paris

Ponsonby, Auckland

The "Golden Triangle", Norwich

Christianshavn, Copenhagen

Campo Dei Fiore, Rome

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All those districts are the world's answer to Notting Hill, according to Google.

So, now you can tour the world without leaving west London's funkiest enclave. To paraphrase Rupert Brooke, there's some corner of a foreign field that is for ever W11.