Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • London is to get an extra £22 million next year to tackle climate change and improve the environment.
  • My Pal the Psychopath says today's Sun, describing the "astonishing video"of George Galloway in a 20-minute meeting with Saddam Hussein's son Uday in an Iraqi palace.
  • It's not all work, work, work: police charge the ex-assistant manager of the Wandsworth high street branch of Lloyds TSB with corruption and theft as part of a two year investigation into gangs who have collectively stolen millions.
  • Kate Moss is coming home. hallelujah! Maybe now we can stop having to read about this complete non-story. Oh, wait... Richard Branson is paying her to write a book. Shit.
  • Beenie Man attends the reopening of record store in Brixton. His £90,000 diamond watch is nicked in the crush. Then loyal fans pounce on the mugger and recover the diamond-encrusted timpeiece.

Last Updated 25 January 2006