Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
bus crash.jpg
  • The number 153 bus "careered out of control" last night at the junction of Upper Street and Liverpool Road, ploughing into Borders and then into Sainsbury's, taking out two taxis on the way. Seven people were injured.
  • RMT and London Underground will meet today to try and avoid a strike on January 8.
  • A court hears that the 'drunken stag-night reveller' who was killed oustide Stringfellows in 2004 died after one punch from a bouncer.
  • Pressure group Defend Council Housing will hold a mass rally in London next month.
  • Ken has vowed to make the Chanukah party an annual event, which definitely means this year's wasn't a PR stunt to win back favour.
  • Last Updated 04 January 2006