Couple Of New London-Based Blogs

By Rob Last edited 156 months ago
Couple Of New London-Based Blogs

Just thought we'd alert you to two new blogs that have caught our eye in the past few days.

First up is World Weary Detective (thanks to Link Machine Go for the link), the tagline for which reads "Metropolitian Police detective London UK. A view of life from the thin layer between you and the underclass."

Bloody hell, a copper with a sense of humour. Whatever next?

Browsing through the archives shows that as well as a funny bone, World Weary's author also has a decent brain and can string a sentence together to boot.

Should make a nice accompaniment to Random Acts of Reality (now all we need is a witty and intelligent fire service blog... let's not hold our breath though eh?).

old book 6.gif

Next up is a slightly more serene online destination in the form of the Crockatt and Powell bookshop blog.

Crockatt and Powell's real-world location is on Lower Marsh near Waterloo (one of London's finest market streets and one which somehow seems to always attract the more interesting type of shop), where they have "created a beautiful space and a great environment in which to browse a carefully chosen selection of books."

Their blog isn't as dusty or as staid as the typical bookshop stereotype, indeed it's full of cracking rants and a distinct lack of literary snobbery.

We love them already.

Both these blogs will be added to our links list as soon as we get round to a bit of a tidy up, so if you know of any other sites we should be looking at please do get in touch.

Last Updated 05 January 2006