Build Your Own Terrorism Library!

By Rob Last edited 158 months ago
Build Your Own Terrorism Library!

So in today's papers we're given the first real details of just how evil the 'Hooked Cleric' Abu Hamza really is.

For instance:

The jury saw pictures of Hamza's home in Shepherd's Bush. It contained boxes piled with blank tapes and others labelled "master", suggesting they were being prepared for distribution.

The tapes included sections on the evils of adultery, drink and e-number additives in food.

And so the question of why you never see supporters of the Jihad eating bags of Skittles has finally been answered.

Of course there were some slightly more serious targets for Hamza and his supporters. For instance, Abu isn't all that big on kids it seems:

In a speech about a terrorist attack in Egypt, which killed 58 people in November 1997, Hamza told his audience the tourist industry should be Islamised and added: "While children should not be killed directly, their killing is permissible if they are in the target area."

But for Londoners the 'big news' is that Big Ben was on the list of possible targets in the 10-volume 'terrorist manual' found in Hamza's flat.

Ok, so the fact that terrorists would choose one of London's most recognisable landmarks as a possible target isn't exactly news, but the fact that their manuals now come as part-works is quite a revelation we think you'll agree.

Maybe the serial magazine specialists DeAgostini should think about adding a few extremist titles to their already thrilling range.

It's not that great a step from Hong Kong Legends to The Encyclopaedia of Afghani Jihad is it?

P.S. How great is that placard in the Telegraph's photograph: 'Democracy Go To Hell!'? You just can't argue with that can you?

Last Updated 12 January 2006