YOUR Chance To Be Famous!

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YOUR Chance To Be Famous!

We have decided, in our infinite wisdom, to give YOU, yes YOU, the readers, the chance to write today's Friday Premiership Preview. This is because we believe that interaction with readers is the key to progress in the blogiverse of the 21st Century. That's right. It certainly has nothing to do with the fact that this week we've again ran out of time to find a 'ordinary everyday Londoner' to interview. Oh no, nothing to do with that all. Anyone who might suggest such a thing will be labelled a cad, and hissed and booed at.

If you want to be the lucky person who today achieves instant fame across our fair city, you have to do the following.....

1) Predict the results (home win, away win or draw) for these fixtures:

Birmingham vs Fulham

Blackburn vs West Ham

Charlton vs Sunderland

Chelsea vs Wigan

Newcastle vs Arsenal

Tottingham vs Portsmouth

2) Write a little bit about each fixture. Amuse us, entertain us. Dazzle us with your written flair.

3) Include the following info: your name, occupation, where you live, the team you support and your favourite place in London.

4) Attach a photo of yourself (in JPEG format) and email the whole lot to before 12.30pm. Any later and we'll have to make it up ourselves.

Go for your lives then - interact! INTERACT! Thank you.

Last Updated 09 December 2005