Time Out's Movers And Shakers

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Time Out's Movers And Shakers

Londonist's record at publishing end of year polls has been a little sketchy as of late, so we thought we'd redress the balance a little bit by giving you a sneak preview of Time Out's Top 100 Movers & Shakers list of 2005 which is published this week.

The list is designed to rank the "most influential and dynamic individuals of the year, who have had a major impact on the capital in 2005," so it's no surprise to see Mayor Ken up there in the top spot (although we are told Bloc Party were in the running there for a while... ok, we'll stop now we promise).

There are few more surprising names in the top 10 though:


1. Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London

2. Tim O’Toole, Chief Executive of London Underground

3. John Murphy, Chief Executive of Murphy’s Ltd.

4. Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer

5. Abu Hamza Al-Masri, Radical cleric

6. Sir Ian Blair, Commissioner of the Met Police

7. Jane Shepherdson, Brand Director of Topshop

8. Queen Elizabeth II, Monarch

9. Roman Abramovich, Owner of Chelsea Football Club

10. Tony Blair, Prime Minister

First up, we love the fact that Abu Hamza Al-Masri's official title now seems to be 'radical cleric'. Do you think he has that on his passport? Can he be sacked if he's not radical enough? (Time Out are at pains to say that he's not there for any 'positive influence by the way.)

The biggest talking point will probably be that Topshop brand Director Jane Shepherdson (pictured) has been placed above the Queen and Tony Blair. Although we must admit, we can't think of anything the Queen has done this year that would be considered 'dynamic' or 'impactful'... other than not die.

But look at number three? John Murphy of Murphy's Ltd? That's a bit out of leftfield isn't it? Will the average Time Out reader see that and think 'oh yeah, good old John' or will it more be a case of 'John who?'

Londonist has yet to see the full list of 100 names but we're keeping our fingers crossed for the inclusion of Gwyneth Paltrow, Sinner-Winner man, and the beast of Sydenham,

Last Updated 06 December 2005