The Woody List

By Rob Last edited 157 months ago
The Woody List
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After the incredible revelations that Woody Allen just loves "London's famously dreary weather and its residents' ever-expressive slang" we thought it was about time we got in touch with Woody (we're very close you know) and get the full list of things he really really likes about our city... just so we don't have to read about it any more.

So here we go with Woody Allen's Final and Definitive List of Somewhat Stereotypical Stuff He Really Really Likes About London:

  • Those chirpy chimney sweeps who dance and sing across the rooftops.
  • The charming homeless types and their 'ever-expressive swearing'.
  • Our fawning, sycophantic, pseudo-intellectual broadsheet media.
  • The suicide bombers and their 'ever-expressive extremist rhetoric'.
  • The ready supply of NHS spectacles.
  • And let that be an end to it.

    Last Updated 19 December 2005