The UK’s Architecture: The Good…

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The UK’s Architecture: The Good…
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What’s the UK’s favourite modern building? EASY! It’s the Gherkin. Everybody knows that. And poll after poll has confirmed it. But no, wait, what’s this? A new survey shows that the ‘Eden Project in Cornwall is the UK's best-loved modern building’? But that’s not London? That’s not even in a big city?

Sorry. Sometimes we get carried away and forget there’s a wider UK out there.

The survey was conducted for Constructionskills, the cumbersomely named ‘skills council for the construction industry’. Of over 2000 adults polled, an overwhelming 40% voted for the giant Cornish greenhouses. What? Was this poll done in Tintagel or something?

Only teasing, of course. The Eden Project is a superb and innovative piece of architecture and we’re actually very fond of it. While not in the top spot, London does have four entries, reflecting the quality and range of our modern architecture.

Here’s the top 10, three of which have the word ‘Millennium’ in them. No show for the Lord Roger’s giant tent, though. Quelle surprise.

1. Eden Project, Cornwall

2. 30 St Mary Axe (the Gherkin), London

3. McLaren Technology Centre, Woking, Surrey

4. Great Court, British Museum, London

5. Gateshead Millennium Bridge

6. Cardiff Millennium Stadium

7. Millennium Bridge, London

8. Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

9. Selfridges, Birmingham

10. Tate Modern, London

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Last Updated 13 December 2005