Review – Andy Earl: Inspired By…

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Review – Andy Earl: Inspired By…


Photographer Andy Earl has shot everyone. Madonna. Robbie. Prince. His filofax is organised by first name alone. In a new London exhibition, the most photo-worthy “now” bands hang from the wall, each picture has a different theme chosen by the musicians themselves. Some of the ideas are less than inspired (Kubb chose“badgers” just so they could meet a badger), but leave it to Hard-Fi to get all lyrical.


On “Escape”:

Living in the shadow of Heathrow airport, with the ever present smell of aviation fuel and the roar of the airliners, you're constantly aware of a way out of the here and now. You'd rather be anywhere else, feeling anything else. The escape route is on your doorstep, but for now is out of reach.

Chin up boys, a couple more good singles and you’ll be flying up in one’a them airliners!


There’s a bit too much lip gloss and cardigans for our liking (some of the bands come dangerously close to the “University Challenge” look that Noel Gallagher accused Bloc Party of having) but Andy Earl has shot Prince after all. And no one ever complains about his lip gloss.


Andy Earl: Inspired By… Rizla is free and at The Exhibition Gallery, 15/19 Titchfield Street, London W1 from the 1st to the 22nd of December.

Last Updated 01 December 2005