Prediction Time

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Prediction Time

In last week's Premiership Preview, guest predictor Guy scored two out of six. Which just goes to show that having a dazzlingly witty writing style has nothing to do with predicting the results of football matches. Yes. We're gobsmacked too.

If you think you can do better, please do the following.....

1) Predict the results (home win, away win or draw) for these fixtures:

Fulham vs Blackburn

West Ham vs Newcastle

Wigan vs Charlton

Arsenal vs Chelsea

Middlesbrough vs Tottingham

2) Write a little bit about each fixture. Are you funnier than Guy? Do you know ANYTHING about football?

3) Include the following info: your name, occupation, where you live, the team you support and your favourite place in London.

4) Attach a photo of yourself (in JPEG format) and email the whole lot to before 12.30pm tomorrow.

Last Updated 15 December 2005