Pie Glorious Pie

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Pie Glorious Pie
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To paraphrase Cliff Richard:

Christmas Pies. Mistletoe and wine...

Londonist loves its pastry-based treats, and we've always found that pastry tastes better when it's wrapped around one the Square Pie Company's offerings.

We've always enjoyed the Square Pie range of baked goodies, but when we visted Glastonbury this year we became officially addicted. In fact we still occassionally have drooly dreams about their Lamb and Rosemary concoction.

So how happy are we that they've just released their "5th annual legendary Christmas pie"?

Ever wondered what your Christmas dinner would taste like if it was all mixed together and shoved into what is basically the equivalent of a pastry handbag? Well wonder no longer!

Turkey, roast spuds, braised cranberry, a bit of greenery, mini chipolatas, stuffing...even the gravy, they're all in there and they all taste so very very good.

We'll be tucking into ours at the Social as it's round the corner from Londonist HQ, but you can also pick them up from Spitalfields Market, Canary Wharf, and Selfridges.

Now all we need is a sherry flavoured beer and we'll be away.

Last Updated 02 December 2005