Office Romance: Christmas Edition

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Office Romance: Christmas Edition

Is the office Christmas party a good time to make a play for your hot co-worker? –Andrew A.

Well, there's only one concrete rule for the office Christmas party: Don’t make a twat of yourself. And the fastest way down that road is to snog a co-worker in front of everybody. That, and to have the repair guy pull a crumpled photocopy of your ass out of a broken machine. So with solemn face and pious hands, we say: Stay straight, stay sober, go home early and alone…But we know you’re not going to listen to that. Hell, we’re not going to listen to that. Like you, dear reader, we look forward each December to getting trolleyed with Brenda from Payroll. And our favourite thing about the Christmas party is that it inevitably reveals who’s been fancying whom through the whole, long, year. So the answer to your question is a resounding yes! The Christmas party is a fantastic time to hit on a hot co-worker, the hotter the better.

But ok, we'll give you some advice, because it's the giving season and also because we’re obliged to: Before making a move, make sure that your colleague wants you to. This is to save you not only potential embarrassment but also a potential sexual harassment suit, and maybe even your job. It’s common enough for people to be sacked after the Christmas party, and if you're already considered the office letch behind your back, a drunken grab will be the last straw. Also, don’t make an advance on your boss, that’s reckless. And for goodness’s sake, if you do get lucky, don’t fool around within view of your colleagues. Everyone will pretend not to notice, but really they’ll be discussing your technique. Happy Christmas!

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