No White Christmas After All?

By Rob Last edited 155 months ago
No White Christmas After All?

In an unprecedented and shocking statement yesterday the Met Office declared that the weather might not do quite what they predicted it might do a few weeks ago.

According to Reuters the country's top weather geeks have done a u-turn on their predictions for a white Christmas in London:

"It does seem that a mild spell starting in the run up to Christmas will take us through the Christmas period," Met Office Spokesman Barry Gromett told Reuters.

"We are not expecting on the basis of that forecast any snow on the Christmas period, certainly not in lower lying places anyway. It is a long way from Christmas, but as it stands at the moment, I would not put any money on snow at all," he said.

Barry Gromett - how great is that?

As we reported earlier this month, bookies had shorted the odds on a snowy Chrimbo to 9-2 partly due to the Met Office's long-range forecast for "the coldest winter in 10 years".

But now, thanks to a "westerly pattern of weather" it looks like the punters might lose out.

DISCLAIMER: Before the lawyers get on the phone, we should say that we are in no way implying that the Met Office are somehow in cahoots with the bookies in order to extract money from the gambling public. That would be ludicrous...wouldn't it?

Last Updated 06 December 2005