Next Week's Gig Guide

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Next Week's Gig Guide

Before we start dialing on for our Take That tickets there's just time to look at a few Londonist recommended gigs for the week ahead. Please note that none of these were made up by us or copied from the NME. We genuinely like all these people.

Saturday: The Colonies are onstage around 3pm, as part of an all-dayer at No.10. Thats 10 Goldborne Road, next to the infamous Trellik Towers, where scenes from a Clockwork Orange were filmed! Entrance is six quid and there's a band for every pound.

Tuesday: Lorca play the Luminaire at 8.45.

A quiet evening with TODD and the Fucking Champs at the Garage.

Wednesday: The Colonies are back, this time at the Troy Bar in Hoxton

Street, on at 8:40pm, door is £5 and there are two solo acts and one other band on the bill.

Thursday: Kaibosh are back, playing On The Rocks (25 Kingsland Road) on Old Street. The promoters have offered all Kaibosh supporters a reduced £4 (whoopee!) entrance fee at this gig... just say you're there for them.

Onstage at 8pm Pungza promise to be loud and chaotic and maybe... just maybe perform some life threatening stunts on stage to up the excitement. That'll be the Water Rats stage, although possibly not for long.

Last Updated 02 December 2005