Londonist Xmas Holidays

By Rob Last edited 221 months ago

Last Updated 23 December 2005

Londonist Xmas Holidays

Today is a 'half day' for Londonist, as we're all off down the pub or venturing out to the West End armed with a credit card and a cattle prod.

There's no Friday Film news as there's no films, well, The Producers is out on Boxing Day, but you'll just have to make your own mind up about that.

We'll be back with a 'reduced service' (you know, like the Tube) on the 28th until the 30th when we take another quick break for the new year.

Full Londonist operations will resume on January third.

In the meantime we'd just like to say 'Merry Christmas' and a huge thank you to all our readers. And extra special massive thanks go to everyone who attended our birthday party back in November, you really made our year!