Is This The Most Boring Local Story Of 2005?

By Rob Last edited 159 months ago
Is This The Most Boring Local Story Of 2005?

A typical day at Londonist HQ will undoubtedly include scanning the local press for tasty stories on which to report.

We've had some great ones over the years. Kitten Survives Car Ordeal from just the other week for example. And who could forget the private detective who was hired by the council to 'investigate' a local strip club in Beckenham.

Pure gold we'll think you'll agree.

So imagine our delight when we saw this headline from today's East London and West Essex Guardian:

The trolley found far from its shop.

It's obvious what the story entails: a shopping trolley has been found some distance away from the shop it came from (it's not one of the cleverest headlines ever written is it?).

So how far do you think? A different city? County? Country even?

Mrs Farmer, of Colchester Road, Leyton, was amazed to see the ASDA trolley because it was nowhere near the superstore in Leyton Mills, which is 30-minutes walk away.

Thirty minutes? You are taking the piss aren't you? We've had sneezes travel further than that.

Mrs Farmer said: "It's so far away, I wonder if someone put it in their van."

Yep, that's definitely it. Someone transported it in a van. How else would a trolley travel such huge distances...unless of course you walked with it for half an hour. They do have wheels you know.

Londonist is hereby awarding this story our Most Boring Local Story of the Year award (a decision we've arrived at after a rather informal office's quite a fuzzy process actually).

Of course, if you think you know a more boring story (and we can only think of an article which describes a trolley that travelled fifteen minutes from a shop) then do get in touch and we might change our minds.

We don't want to turn into the online equivalent of That's Life or anything, but we reckon this will take some beating.

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Last Updated 06 December 2005