Ferdinand Mugger Scores Own Gaol

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Ferdinand Mugger Scores Own Gaol

Croydon Athletic player Leon McDowell faces a jail sentence after robbing West Ham striker Anton Ferdinand, and yes: Anton is Rio’s brother.

Ferdinand – out (but not outed) with fellow footballer Nigel Reo-Coker - approached McDowell’s fiancée in Escapades nightclub. After obtaining her number, no doubt by flirting outrageously - easy tiger! - McDowell demanded Ferdinand delete it, which he refused to do.

Cut to the scene later on, outside a kebab shop on Croydon High Street (it’s all glamour in the Premiership, you know). The jealous McDowell swiped both of Ferdinand’s phones, which is one way of ensuring the missus wasn’t called, a touch severe if you ask us. Greedy as well. Two phones? He probably stored it in just the one.

McDowell’s defence lawyer described the incident as ‘extraordinary’, adding that the two men had met afterwards ‘by chance’. Whether the lawyer in question has the same thesaurus/dictionary that we have is somewhat doubtful; allegedly of course.

Following McDowell’s changed plea of not-guilty to guilty, the Judge stated the events prior ‘did not justify a robbery’. McDowell’s custodial sentence is due to be announced January 13th.

For legal reason, we’re not going to create an entertaining last line involving the words ‘Reo-Coker’, ‘Ferdinand’s Escapades gone wrong’ and ‘cheap, skanky meat in Croydon’. Because we’d like a peaceful week, and just say no.

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Last Updated 12 December 2005