Climate Change March: This Weekend

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Climate Change March: This Weekend

Climate change is in the news again (not that it ever leaves), as international delegates burn hundreds of tons of kerosene to reach the Montreal climate talks. On the agenda: how to meet the tough targets set in the Kyoto agreement; what should replace Kyoto when it expires in 2012; and how to find rapprochement with countries whose views on climate change differ.

At the same time, there are further warnings that we might soon be living in a permanent winter wonderland, thanks to the Gulf Stream calling in sick.

If you care about such green issues (and we hope that you all do!) there’s another chance to show your solidarity this weekend. Campaign Against Climate Change are organising international demonstrations in over 30 cities to coincide with the Montreal talks. As well as raising general awareness, the marches are specifically aimed at provoking Bush into ratifying the Kyoto deal.

Well, good luck. Next year, you might want to try on Hallowe’en, given the President’s fondness for taking the advice of supernatural beings.

The London march begins at 12 O’clock on Saturday in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. The route takes in a number of exciting pit stops: ExxonMobil’s offices and the Australian Embassy on Aldwych, Trafalgar Square (inevitably), on to Piccadilly, before finishing outside the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square. There will then be a series of speeches led by MPs and MEPs. A cycle protest starting at the Thames Barrier is also planned.

Last Updated 01 December 2005