Girl's Own's <I>Answers To Correspondents</I>

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Girl's Own's <I>Answers To Correspondents</I>
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BEULAH. - Wash the sides of your nose very thoroughly with soft hot water, rubbing the skin with a loofah, on which you have lathered some vinolia soap. Do this every night before going to bed.

SLOW. - There is some imagination in your verses, but they are irregularly composed and morbid in tone. You should not mix "thou" and "you" in quick succession, while addressing the same individual. We advise you, although it seems unkind, to devote your energies to study, for your writing and spelling leave much to be desired, and inky erasures disfigure your pages. At the age of fifteen you should not attempt to "give out" thoughts, but should be busy taking them in. With the touch of poetic feeling we note, you would certainly benefit by the study of the great masters in literature. You should also acquaint yourself with the rules of poetic form.

IDLEST HANDS. - Unless you shut your eyes to the needs and your heart to the sorrows of others, you may find plenty of work for your hands, and change their objectionable name, which is a reproach to yourself.

GYP. - As you have £40 a year for your dress, I should recommend you to buy really good, nicely-made clothes. I think girls look much better dressed who have a few well-cut dresses rather than a good many cheap ones.

Boots, shoes and gloves £4

Evening dress £7 7 s

Afternoon day dress £7 7 s

Underclothes £4

Coat and skirt £6 6 s

Cotton or muslin dress £3 3 s

Blouses £3 3 s

Ribbons, parasol, etc. £1 11 s

Hats £3 3 s

Some list of this sort might help you; but, of course, sometimes one year's clothes go on to the next, and so you fit in one year's expenses with another. I suppose, as you go on the Riviera for eight months, you will require more summer clothes than a girl living in England all the year round.

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