World Scrabble Championships

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World Scrabble Championships

Just a quick reminder that the World Scrabble Championships officially begin today (it's only registration today but you can check the site for minute-by-minute updates from tomorrow).

As you might remember from our post a few weeks ago, this year the championships are being held in London, and we're quite excited about the whole thing (especially with Christmas coming up, we're really getting into a bit of a boardgame mood).

However in our previous post we were a little disparaging over Mattel's marketing strategy for the championships, for example this is the banner they have on the championship site at the moment:


Now we just happen to think that putting Robbie Williams' smug face at the top of the website for your game's world championships is not really a very good way of 'raising its profile' . Much better to concentrate on the people taking part who really really want to be world champion.

That's why, in the next week, we'll be running an interview with one of the London-based competitors who'll be hoping to take home the trpophy and the $15,000 prize money.

In the meantime let us know your best triple word scores in the comments. We managed an ASPHYXY once. That was a good day.

Last Updated 16 November 2005