When's The Snow Gonna Come?

By Rob Last edited 161 months ago
When's The Snow Gonna Come?

Earlier on in the week we were told that Thursday was the day London might see it's first snowfall (or 'Armageddon' as its referred to in the transport industry) but yesterday passed without so much as a flake, and it now looks more likely that we might see some of the white stuff this weekend.

The BBC 5 day weather report shows bright sunshine for Saturday but by the time we get to Sunday "the predominant weather is forecast to be sleet and showers"

So still no mention of the word 'snow', and indeed over on the Wunderground site there's not even mention of sleet, just a measly 'partly cloudy'.

There's another 'partly cloudy' at CNN's weather page but if you want to believe Intellicast then you better break out the wellies because they're predicting snow for every day (including tonight) up until next Wednesday!

That seems a bit extreme to us, especially as the Met Office only has one tiny snowflake graphic on their five day forecast...which is on Sunday.

In the meantime if you fancy a bit of a gloat or you want to try and prepare yourself for the worst, the Guardian has an image galleryy of photos of " the first snows of winter" which arrived across Europe last night,

Last Updated 25 November 2005