Well-Heeled Riot For Stella

By Greg Last edited 158 months ago
Well-Heeled Riot For Stella

Londonist deeply regrets not attending the opening of H&M at Oxford Circus yesterday, when Stella McCartney's cheap one-off collection first went on sale, just to gawk at the punters. In the words of the Vogue Daily News, the scene resembled "feeding time in the hyena cage." The Guardian describes a "well-heeled scrum", with women trying things on in the middle of the shop floor. The Independent likens the scene to "a train station at rush hour". The Evening Standard reports that the "Stella stampede" has already decamped to eBay.

A few observations: (1) London's fashionable set seem not to have held a candle to New York's ruthless shoppers. (Key quote: "Back off my dress, bitch!!!")

(2) Nothing, but nothing, will ever make as good a story as the now-legendary Edmonton IKEA riots of last February. (Back off my Klakkbo, bitch!!!)

And finally, (3) The clothes? Does anyone else think that they're... not very good? We're sorta feeling that sequined bikini (pictured), and the silver satin jacket-thing. But all the shapeless tops and awkward-looking skirts? Enh. Or maybe it's just us?

Last Updated 11 November 2005