This Week's Kitten News

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This Week's Kitten News

You know what Londonist loves? Londonist loves those free newspapers that appear unbidden through our letter slot every now and then. Although most of the pages are filled with real estate ads, the half-dozen pages of local news thrown in to make the publication look respectable can sometimes be pure poetry.

Case in point: the Tottenham and Wood Green Independent that arrived on the desks of Londonist's high-tech command centre last week. On the front page, above a shocking cover story about how Wood Green is apparently overflowing with marijuana farms, we read the teaser headline: MIRACULOUS! Kitten Survives Car Ordeal.

This is, perhaps, the best newspaper headline ever. Of course we couldn't help but immediately flip to page 5 to read the whole story. It is here reproduced in full:

Lilly is in the Pink after Car Ordeal

Brave kitten Lilly is relieved to be in safe hands after being thrown from a moving car in Wood Green.

She was found shivering in the road by a member of the public who delivered her to Wood Green Animal Shelter, in Lordship Lane, for treatment.

And she has quickly become a favourite with staff, who described Lilly's ordeal as barbaric and heartbreaking'.

Animal carer Colin Harris said: "The staff have been hand-rearing Lilly and she is doing really well. There are no lasting injuries and we have already found her a new home."

Wood Green Animal Shelter urges anyone who feels they can [no] longer keep a pet to contact their local animal shelter.

Kitten! Surives! Londonist suddenly feels like going out and making the world a better place.

Last Updated 28 November 2005