The Grass Is Greener...

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The Grass Is Greener...

The other Wembley story to appear over the past few days comes courtesy of another red top: The Mirror.

Apparently a Mirror journalist managed to get access to the new Wembley turf which is currently being "developed amid astonishing secrecy north of London."

We know what you're thinking: it's grass, why does grass need to be secret? Well according to the rather over-excited Mirror correspondent 'Wembley chiefs' are worried that the turf could be stolen by 'trophy hunters' before they even get it to the new stadium.

If you are one of these mysterious 'trophy hunters' then there are some possible clues in the article that might point you in the right direction:

We received an email informing us that the rendezvous was set for 10.15am outside the WH Smith's shop at King's Cross Station in London and our tickets were bought for us.

We were taken to Platform Five and boarded the 10.33am train to Leeds.

It was only then that we were given our final destination. We got off some time later - I am forbidden from telling you any more than that.

The turf is, by all accounts' " playing on a carpet," and should be ready for 'harvesting' in March when it will be cut into strips, rolled and transported to the new ground.

Oh, and "Wembley bosses are still confident the stadium will be open in time to host the 2006 FA Cup Final in May."

Last Updated 28 November 2005