Terrorism, Fake Terrorist and Cop Killers

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Terrorism, Fake Terrorist and Cop Killers

A 25 year old man was charged with an offence under the Terrorism Act this afternoon:

Rauf Abdullah Mohammed, from London, is charged with recording information likely to be of use to people planning or committing terrorist acts. The charge relates to a "date unknown" before 26 January and is understood not to be linked to the 7 July bombings or the alleged attempts on 21 July.

More about this over the weekend we expect.

Meanwhile the money hungry moron who attempted to take the tabloids to the cleaners for the princely sum of five grand by declaring himself the 'fifth bomber' was today jailed for four months:

Judge Kitson said: "It's difficult to see how any offence of this nature could be more serious than that which you have committed. "It came three months after one of the worst atrocities committed on the British mainland and led to survivors and relatives of those that were killed having to relive their experiences. "A custodial sentence is necessary to act as a deterrent to any others who may have similar intentions in mind."

Got that folks? Being a dickhead = bad.

Also today detectives have named the Londoners they want to question in connection with the Pc Sharon Beshenivsky murder investigation:

The suspects are Mustaf Jama, 25, from the north Kensington area of London, and his brother Yusuf, 19, from the same area. Both are of Somali origin. They also want to trace Muzzaker Shah, 24, who was born in Burnley but has lived in London since 2001.

More information here.

Last Updated 25 November 2005