Talia : Dancing, Dozing & Downloading

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Talia : Dancing, Dozing & Downloading

For me, the ideal Sunday starts as a carry on from Saturday, as when the clock strikes midnight I'll probably be found dancing happily to all things smelling of cheese at Wig-Out at Ghetto. Hopefully though, upon leaving the club, a cab will miracously appear and I'll be tucked up all snuggly in bed by about 4am.

With no reason to wake up early, I'll gradually arise from my slumber about 1pm whereupon my hunky housemate will bring me freshly buttered crumpets in bed, along with a glass of strawberry milk. These will be enjoyed and then it's music time.

One of the things I love about Sundays is that it's the day I choose to really explore new music. This is done mainly by one of two methods - My Space or MP3 blogs. These give me the chance to find new / unusual / rare music, listen to it, and then I can head over to a CD shop and buy it if I like it later. Ace.

Some of my favourite MP3 blogs are the poptastic Poptext and the super cool Flux Blog. Both having an amazing blog roll you can easily get lost for hours and hours in a myriad of wonderful sounds.

Dinner presents a dilemma. Do I dare risk the coldness of outside, or is it time for take away on the sofa. And if I do go out, how do I choose the perfect place to go when I love so many places. Going out wins it though as a cab appears just at the perfect moment to whisk me and my housemate away to Y Ming on Wardour Street. Not only is it the best Chinese food I've had in London, but it's just around the corner from Balans on Old Compton Street where I can end my Sunday by enjoying a scrumptious dessert.

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