Spitalfields Christmas

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Spitalfields Christmas

If you're fed up with shitty C-list celebrities turning on Christmas lights that have been tainted by the 'seasonal messages' of their sponsors, then you might find some refuge over at Spitalfields market tomorrow evening when the the Old Spitalfield Market lights will be turned on by none other than Gilbert and George.

We like the fact these two are involved because a) they actually have a connection with the area; and b) they might possibly have something interesting to say as opposed to just miming to a backing track for ten minutes before picking up their pay cheque and pissing off (although the thought of Gilbert & George miming to a Westlife song does make us smile for some reason).

Another reason to get along tomorrow is that the whole market is (to paraphrase Huey Lewis and the News) gonna go back in time.

The idea is to take the market back to 1887 as that's the year it was first established. This will involve brass bands, traditional Victorian horse and carriages (free rides!), the town crier for the Mayor of London, plus something called the "‘What The Dickens' storytellers".

Oh, and roast chestnuts and mulled wine of course.

The G&G light turning on ceremony (to give it its official title) will be around 6:30 tomorrow, after which there's a charity auction in aid of Hackney Empire's Children's educational program, and a Grotto area which has been organised by the infamous Lost Vagueness people.

See you down there.

Last Updated 28 November 2005