Something To Look Out For On Your Way Home Tonight

By Rob Last edited 158 months ago
Something To Look Out For On Your Way Home Tonight

As you trudge home tonight, wrapped up in your winter woolies and scanning the sky for evidence of incoming blizzards you might want to make a mental note to keep an eye out for buskers.

According to the Transport for London website today is "Johnny Cash tribute day" for buskers on the Underground, with over 30 buskers taking part to "celebrate the release of the artist's greatest hits album 'Ring of Fire: the Legend of Johnny Cash'."

We can't help think it's a bit weird that London's buskers are being roped in to commerical, promotional schemes like this (after all isn't it the individuality of each busker that makes them interesting?) but it's not like that's going to stop us scampering around the Tube network this evening seeing who can collect the most 'Cash spots' (although if any of them give us the finger they're not getting any money).

P.S. If you want the definitive info on the Tube's buskers then you want to check out Annie Mole's busking page.

Last Updated 25 November 2005