Sarah: Online Literature (Multiple Sites)

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Sarah: Online Literature (Multiple Sites)

Anyone with a passing interest in literature is by now familiar with the vast array of book blogs on the internet. But some folks remain maddeningly unaware of all of the actual literature being published online. In an effort to cure this ill (and also because I am an editor who publishes literature online and thus know first hand how important it is for all Londonist readers to be exposed to such things), I have compiled here a list of some sites that do a wonderful job of publishing quality writing online (Hey Guardian, are you listening!?):

Eclectica: Publishes traditional-type stories

Eyeshot: Very po-mo, prone to literary pranks and often extremely funny. Also often extremely touching.

Failbetter: Like a print journal, it publishes quarterly, and is thus highly selective and highly good.

Fiction Warehouse: Linear stories with a traditional beginning, middle and end.

Konundrum: the editor publishes only when something comes to his inbox that he finds truly worthy. Not updated often, but when it is, you know you’re in for a treat.

Me Three: Publishes fiction, essays, book reviews, and criticism (also publishes a print journal)*

Pindeldyboz: publishes fiction of all kinds, sometimes experimental, sometimes traditional (also publishes a print journal)


Also, as online fiction proliferated, it became clear that there was a need for an award. Here’s last year’s longlist.

*Okay, yes, I am one of the editors of this journal. But all that means is that I am even more qualified to tell you how good it is than you are.

Last Updated 04 November 2005