Russell Crowe Pool Paddy

By Rob Last edited 158 months ago
Russell Crowe Pool Paddy

According to today's Sun Russell Crowe's latest public megastrop occured recently in a "pub in London’s West End."

Apparently the "fiery" antipodean actor asked builder Scot Whiteman, to play pool with him and then "slammed his cue down and stormed off" when he lost.

Originally Russell had asked Scot to put £100 on the game but Scot had cried off because he didn't have the money.

Christ just think what would have happened if he's lost £100 as well as damaging his hugely inflated ego. He'd have had to UNLEASH HELL... or at least stamp his foot on the ground a couple of times.

Anyone have any idea what pub he was in?

Last Updated 17 November 2005