Rob: Eat, Drink And Larry David

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Rob: Eat, Drink And Larry David

Without a doubt my perfect Sunday would always begin with enough time to sit around in bed reading the papers.

If we're talking 'fantasy land' stuff then of course the papers would be delivered to the door of my flat, but I don't want to get greedy here and really the trip up to Mike's newsagents on the South Lambeth Road is never a chore and it gives me the opportunity to discuss that day's tabloid headlines in detail Newsnight would be proud of:

Me: Kate Moss eh?

Mike the newsagent: She's a silly cow eh?

Once the papers have been read then it's time to decide on what to eat. There's a few options here: if I'm hungover from the night before then a trip to one of the greasy spoons on the Wandsworth Road might be required. Or, if it's getting late, then it's always worth leaving room for a Sunday Lunch at the Priory Arms located towards Stockwell.

This is the best Sunday lunch I've ever come across (barring my mum's of course) and knocks socks off any gastropub where they charge you ten quid for two Yorkshires stacked artfully on top of one measly slice of roast beef. You even get your own gravy boat for God's sake (the gravy-to-food ratio is very important to me).

The only problem with lunch in the pub of course is that you get stuck in the pub...for the rest of the day. There's a quiz in the Priory at 9pm on Sundays so feasibly you could stay there all afternoon and walk away with more money than you went in with. Actually that's not feasible at all...

...No, much better to go out and get some fresh air. The Ritzy cinema is under 20 minutes walk away so a quick stoll to Brixton should walk off a few of those calories and then you don't feel too guilty about ordering the LARGE box of popcorn once you get there.

If the weather's ok and we're feeling adventurous (or just fat) then myself and my girlfriend might attempt a bike ride up to Speaker's Corner for a bit of light entertainment but I'll need to be back home for 5 o clock because that's when Stuart Maconie's radio show The Freak Zone starts on BBC Radio 6. I've become rather addicted to the programme over the past few months and Sundays don't seem the same without it now.

After that well it's the typical lazy Sunday evening: finishing off any of the Sunday supplements I missed in the morning. Laughing like an idiot at Malcolm in the Middle. Getting ridiculously wrapped up in this week's edition of Top Gear (even though I don't own a car). And then rounding off the evening with a drink watching the latest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm (with a perfect picture from our rather temperamental Freeview box of course).

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