Return Of The Guerilla Gig

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Return Of The Guerilla Gig

Remember Flashmobs? You'd get a text telling you to turn up at Maggie's House on Tuesday at 7 dressed as a miner along with a couple of hundred others for a giggle. Jane's Addiction played with the idea on a couple of impromptu London gigs a few years back before the likes of The Others, Razorlight and The Libertines ran with the same idea calling them guerilla gigs. Now Hard-Fi and Nine Black Alps are the latest converts to the cause by being next on the bill for T-Mobile's Streets Campaign. NBA will be somewhere in town on the 25th and Hard-Fi on the 26th but the catch is you'll only find out where by sigining up to the aforementioned network provider's site (and we'll bypass the irony of a corporate sponsored guerilla gig) or by checking back on pretty much any music orientated web-site.

While we're talking of small shows, the band who will hopefully one day be burnt at the stake for kick starting that New York thing over here on a stupid scale, The Strokes have announced a show at ULU on the 29th. Tickets go on sale the day before from the box-office. Which opens at 9am, by the way, so you'll be wanting to get the first train into town if you're up for it.

Last Updated 23 November 2005