Guardian's 'Been There' Service

By Rob Last edited 158 months ago
Guardian's 'Been There' Service

The Guardian website has always been ahead of the game, especially when compared to the online versions of its broadsheet rivals. So it's no surprise to see them getting on the Web 2.0 bandwagon with the launch of their Been There service.

As the page explains the "site is a guide to the world written by you". So what we have is a Wiki-esque page where readers can upload 'tips' on resorts, sites, bars and accomodation as well as tag the descriptions with keywords and add photos.

The added dimension we quite like is the ability to agree or disagree with each tip providing an instant gauge of reliability for each recommendation.

Of course we headed right for the London page where 91 tips have been uploaded from the obvious (Tate Modern), to the less obvious (the rookery at Streatham Common).

At first glance it looks pretty impressive if a little scant on detailed stuff (only six tips tagged with 'shopping'?). It is still in Beta mode though so we guess the database should grow pretty quickly over the next few months.

Last Updated 19 November 2005