North Versus South, Tug Of War

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North Versus South, Tug Of War
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If you've picked up this week's edition of Time Out then you might have noticed a very small notice on page 5 headed Tug of war!.

Now as most people's memories of this particular sporting event normally consist of being dragged along the surface of muddy football pitch while simultaneously receiving third degree rope burns, we're guessing that not a lot of people will read past the headline. So here's what it says:

In an attempt to end the north London vs south London debate in the cleanest way possible, we're going to organise a tug fo war.

Now that is interesting! But can we suggest a couple of 'incentives'.

1. The rope ahould be stretched over the Thames itself, with, say, Team South in Vauxhall and Team North in Pimilico. That way the losers end up in the river.

2. In the interests of keepign the stereotypes alive Team South should arrive wearing hoodies and each member should be 'all tooled up'.

3. And Team North must wear a uniform of blazers and comfy shoes with each member being required to hold a glass of Pimms in one hand at all times.

Maybe we'll send a member of the Londonist editorial team down to the event to report back on what happens (in fact we've never taken a count of what the north/south ratio is on the Londonist team - could be interesting).

If you fancy taking part yourself then you can send your contact details and "current weight" to Time Out courtesy of

Last Updated 24 November 2005