Mid Week Music News

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Mid Week Music News

With the music dungionistas breaking out their finest band t-shirts ahead of tomorrow's party and arguments breaking out over whether to play Outkast's version of Hey Ya or download a bootleg of The Twilight Singer's, we're going to use this week's MWMN to mention a few shows just announced as we really don't think we're going to make it on Friday.

First off fans of Kaiser Chiefs will be able to pay homage at the temple of indie when the chipper popsters play Alexandra Palace next April 21st. Tickets on sale Saturday. The Chiefs last played there in '94 when they were touring their Parklife album.

That'll be the same temple of indie The Darkness are playing February 7th and 8th, surely a week at the Hammersmith Apollo would have been more in keeping. The Darkness are of course deadly serious so we won't be making any facetious comments about them here. They have way too much hair for that.

With music writers the country over grasping at ever fewer puns to play with The Rakes in their headlines, we'll settle for something along the lines of the thin as a... Aaaanyways, one of London's finest spikey indie guitar bands play the far more reasonably sized Astoria on February 2nd.

Some good stuff coming up on the telly too. This Friday the athletically poetic Maximo Park are on Jools Holland with Icelandic sonic pixies Sigur Ros on the 11th. We never thought we'd hear the words Green Day, Top of the Pops, record and breaking in the same sentence unless it was some pseudo fascist attempt by the BBC to destroy US west Coast punk on BBC2, which may on some reflection be a good thing. They'll be playing the full 9 minutes of Jesus of Suburbia on our venerable chart hit show, the longest band performance in it's zillion year history.

Not be outdone, Channel 4 run up to the debate inducing, as in how bad will it be this year, Music Hall of The Kids From Fame with two weeks of rock docs covering such up and coming acts as Madonna, The Who, U2 and Queen. Pick of the bunch will be a, no doubt conspiracy bashing, look at the death of Brian Jones which in no way at all is set to tie on with the release of Stoned which is about. Wait for it... the death of Brian Jones. Maybe it's a different Brian Jones who played guitar for the Stones. There's a run down of the 20 greatest gigs of all time which you'll hate, simply because you were too old, too young or just not cool enough to be at any of them. And finally a look at John Peel's treasured 132 favourite singles and ten by the White Stripes. You can find all the blurb here.

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