Me Three Lit Journal

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Me Three Lit Journal

Me Three is a cracking literary website that's edited by Londonist's very own columnist Sarah Stodola.

For a couple of years Me Three existed quite successfuly in the digital arena, but at the end of last year they made the brave shift into the grown-up world of hardcopy with their first print edition.

And a fine edition it was too. Yes we know we're biased, but we take our literary stuff pretty seriously here at Londonist so you'll have to take us at our word when we tell you that the range of fiction was excellent as was the non-fiction stuff and even (gasp, horror) the literary criticism.

Now traditionally as soon as an independent literary journal puts out its first issue it promptly crawls into a corner and dies, never to be seen again. But Me Three has bucked the trend and we're so proud of the fact that Sarah's managed to not only get a second issue of the journal out, but also made it meatier and better than the first, that we coudln't not give her a plug on the site.

So listen up: Me Three number 2 (wow, that's confusing) is now on the shelves of these fine bookshops: Foyles, Magma, Primrose Hill books, John Sandoe on the Kings Road, and the London review Bookshop.

It's only a fiver, and for that you get 96 pages made up of 9 works of fiction, 2 personal essays, 3 pieces of literary criticism, 1 comic, and 2 "unclassifiables". In fact it's worth buying to find out what the 'unclassifiables' are.

We were going to say something about 'stocking fillers' but we feel that would be taking the plug a bit too far.

Last Updated 16 November 2005