Lord Archer Of Vauxhall?

By Rob Last edited 158 months ago
Lord Archer Of Vauxhall?

The BBC is today reporting that Jeffrey Archer has claimed to have rejoined the Conservatives via his local Tory party outpost in Vauxhall.

Apparently Lord Archer made the revelation to an Australian newspaper during an interview in order to promote the latest laughable drivel he's insisting on calling a novel.

The former deputy party Chairman (who, lest we forget, once campaigned to be Mayor of this city) was expelled from the Conservative Party in 2000 after it was discovered he'd lied in court back in the 80s in order to protect his arse and extract £500,000 from the Daily Star.

Since Archer's claim came to light a Conservative Party spokesman has been quoted as saying that they have no knowledge of whether Archer is 'back in the fold' or not "as membership was handled at a local level." Although we are told that the conniving shit is reported to have spoken privately to the party's chief whip about rejoining the Conservative benches in the Lords (as there are no existing rules to stop 'disgraced peers' rejoining the upper chambers').

In case you're wondering why Archer chose Vauxhall, it's because he lives in a riverside, penthouse flat in the area. In fact when the moon is full the philandering cheat can sometimes be seen scrambling across the rooftops of south west London, baying in the direction of Westminster as he hunts for young, virginal PAs to corrupt.

Last Updated 26 November 2005