Londonist's Perfect Sunday

By Rob Last edited 161 months ago
Londonist's Perfect Sunday

As you might have noticed last week, Londonist is conducting a little experiment which means we are now posting on a weekend.

What we quickly realised last weekend though is that Saturdays and Sundays are rubbish when it comes to news. So this time we're going to try something a little different.

As well as publishing our readers' rants (and we're still looking for those by the way so please vent away if you feel the need), this weekend we're going to be writing about our 'perfect Sunday'.

Each Londonist writer will be talking about what would consitute their ideal lazy Sunday in the capital given unlimited time and finances. So if you've got any suggestions or ideas for us then please get in touch by email and let us know what you'd be up to this weekend if you didn't have to wash the car, visit the in-laws, or (God forbid) go to work.

Last Updated 24 November 2005