Lock Up Your Daughter...

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Lock Up Your Daughter...

Tommy Lee's in town. Don't worry about your other daughters though, he's left the rest of the Crue behind. Strange things are going on in the space within Lee's cranium known as Tommyland. Not only is he over here promoting his utterly bollocks new single, Good Times (out Monday), and equally bollocks new solo album, Tommyland, The Ride (Monday week), but he then went and cancelled the launch party. Seems it was worth losing the £25 000 deposit (how much???) for the hire of M1NT (apparently the kind of place mere mortals don't get to go) because he doesn't like hanging out with strangers. Kudos then to the wag on Blabbbermouth who commented: He will screw strangers, but won't talk to them.

Perhaps he has other things on his mind. Like ID cards. He's drumming this evening at the Medicine Bar raising money for Our World, Our Say, a charity campaining against the little buggers. So incensed is he with the evil scheme, or something, he's donating his talents for free to be providing the beats for the beats provided by beats freaks Adam Freeland and Plump DJs and techno guru Evil 9. The blurb says

one of the world's rock legend drummers, drumming alongside a back 2 back turntable mash-up from the world's most respected beat DJs in what will be an historic event.

And who are we to argue, because he's a damn fine drummer, can play upside down, can probably play with his balls and the night sounds like a lot of fun. Especially if he's brought the dwarves. Minimum £5 donation on the door and no guest lists so get there early although it doesn't actually say what time it starts so we have no idea how early you should get there.

Come to think of it, this is the man who videotaped himself having sex with Pamela Anderson so perhaps you should leave work and start queuing now.

Last Updated 09 November 2005