Let Us Be Thankful For German Criminals

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Let Us Be Thankful For German Criminals

OK, so this isn't strictly London related but how could we pass up an opportunity to bring you another story concerning our favourite drummer and drummerer, Tommy Lee. Seems as if an entire truckload of Tom-Tom's (that's a drum pun dear readers, a bad one, but a pun none-the-less) new album, Tommyland: The Ride, destined for our shores was half-inched from it's Hamburg depot by a gang of ruthless thugs (we made that bit up) with really shitty taste in music (that bit's true).

Apparently factory workers assisted the crims in loading up the truck, possibly made them tea, and waved them off with a cheery 'Farewell' and a tear in the eye before the real truck turned up a few hours later. Oh how they must have laughed when they realised what they'd done, oh how we split our sides when we read the news. There's speculation that the dastardly robbers might try to sell the album on the black market but we'd like to think they were just doing us all a favour.

A cursory glance in the Virgin Megastore on the way home revealed that at least a couple of copies had slipped through so it's not all good news just yet. If you haven't heard the album, due out today, and we suggest you don't, it's a bland tread through the worst 'woe is me, I'm so famous and no one will leave me alone' rock cliches and is a candidate for the worst album we've heard this year alongside Billy Corgan's solo rubbish. We'd like to give you a more comprehensive review but to be honest life's too short. You can listen to it yourself using the previous link, but don't say we didn't warn you.

Last Updated 21 November 2005