Guess Who's Back... Back Again

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Guess Who's Back... Back Again

Yes it's everyone's favourite wildly powerful sporting body the International Olympic Committee.

The IOC are back in town to have a little look round for the first time since they awarded London the 2012 Olympics...over France...who lost...and we won.

While they're here the IOC won't actually be visiting any of the sites designated for development, instead they'll be examining all our organisational....erm, stuff. Basically they're just making sure what happended in Athens doesn't happen here, and so far so good it seems:

Denis Oswald, the head of the IOC's delegation, said that London was ahead of previous host cities because it had already set up an organising committee... Oswald told the Guardian: "The main difficulty is to make sure all aspects are running on time.

"In this respect, London had a very good start. Two months after being awarded the Games, an organising committee had been set up and started working."

But before you start to break out your London Rulez At Organising Stuff tee shirts, bear in mind that we do have the little problem of an apalling transport infrastructure to contend with:

However, [Oswald] warned that improving the transport system would be the capital's biggest problem.

Lord Coe told BBC Radio Five Live that London had "an extremely good" transport plan and would be able to move fans and competitors around the capital without any major problems.

And that's not all, according to today's Guardian "The showpiece sites of the London Olympic games could be swamped by millions of gallons of sewage."

It seems that the Environment Agency have identified a problem regarding two of London's "major sewage overflow pipes", which empty into the river Lee close to the site of the Olympic village. Apparently "even a moderate summer storm would overflow the drains, sending sewage back up the river Lee on the tide".

The agenecy has used 'computer modelling' to work out just how just when an effluent crisis might ocur and there's apparently a 99.5% chance of some "sewage overflow" when the Olympics is in full swing.

Londonist can reveal however that the agency's warnings that the main stadium might become a "foul smelling and unsightly mess", doesn't actually refer to the sewage problem. They're just worried that Paula Radcliffe might get 'caught short' again.

Last Updated 24 November 2005