Get In The Wembley Time Capsule

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Get In The Wembley Time Capsule

Believe it or not over the past few days there's been a couple of stories in the national press about Wembley Stadium that haven't featured the words 'disaster', 'late', or 'hideously over budget'.

The first of these comes courtesy of the Sun, and it's not so much a story as a competition. It's not your usual Sun competiton though (i.e. you don't have to send in topless photographs of yourself in order to win, although we're not saying that won't hurt your chances), in fact it's quite an interesting one.

The paper is basically looking for a "treasured memory" of the old stadium which will be "immortalised" within a time capusle which is to be buried in the new ground:

Did you propose to your girlfriend after your team won the FA Cup? Did the Live Aid concert held there change your world?

Perhaps you saw your son represent England under-16s at England’s home of football or were at Wembley for England’s World Cup heoics in 1966?

If it's your memory that gets chosen then it will go into the capsule alongside a piece of the original stadium, an image of the old ground, architects’ drawings of the new Wembley, a DVD of the 1966 World Cup win, a current England shirt, a football, a Live Aid DVD and...wait for it... "a copy of The Sun".

Good God! Just imagine if the human race is wiped out and aliens find this thing. They'll assume that all we did was worship football, popstars and tits...

...We'll stop there.

Last Updated 28 November 2005