Friday Premiership Preview

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Friday Premiership Preview

We're not sure if you've noticed (probably not, you're no doubt more interested in FILMS or THEATRE or POLITICS and all that rubbish, well it's your loss, because as any fule knos, SPORT is really IMPORTANT) but we are actually very poor at predicting the results for the Premiership's London clubs evey weekend.

We've been compiling the stats (stats are IMPORTANT as well), and it appears that we have a success rate of 37.5%. This is clearly unacceptable. You, the people of London, deserve better. So....we've decided to ask someone else. Paresh, the bloke who runs the newsagent at Wanstead tube station, has always struck us as a nice guy, and he's a season ticket holder at Upton Park, 'the Academy' no less, so he must know what he's talking about.

Over to Paresh then....

Arsenal v Blackburn

I think the result will be 1-0 to Arsenal. They are a better team and I think Blackburn need to buck up. Henry will be the key player, I'm a big fan of his. He's such a fluent player - he's back, forward, everywhere, on the field he's everywhere, he's superbly good.

Aston Villa v Charlton

Charlton will win 1-0, but maybe it will be 0-0. Charlton are a good team and Alan Curbishley is doing a very good job. He used to play for West Ham as well, which is good.

Portsmouth v Chelsea

This is one sided. I think Chelsea will cruise through very easily. I don't like Mourinho though, he's too good! He is very arrogant and I don't like the man. My wife likes him. She doesn't know anything about football, but she thinks that he is very positive. I think that he's got a lucky face.

Wigan v Tottingham

Easy. Wigan. They are a superb team. I like the left-back, Leighton Baines, a great prospect.

Fulham v Bolton (Sunday)

I think Bolton will win. They're playing very well and they are a hardworking team. I don't think it is looking very good for Fulham at all. They will stay up, but only just. Bolton are like Wigan, good, strong teams.

West Ham v Manchester United (Sunday)

I would love West Ham to win, but I can't see it happening. Man U are too good. This is the right time to play them though, but we must play Zamora or Sheringham if we're going to score. Teddy will be the key. I like Yossi Benayoun a lot, a superb player, he reminds me so much of Berkovic and I would rate him 8 out of 10. If Man U do have a weakness, it is their defence.

At this point we are joined by Russell, one of Paresh's regular customers. This is what Russell had to say.....

The only decent striker West Ham have got is Sheringham. That bloke they got from Spurs, Zamora, he's no good, he can't score. The other one, Harewood, he was alright in the lower divisions, but he's not a Premiership player. West Ham's defence is not bad, but with the players Man U have got, I expect them to win. Although I would love west Ham to win. I used to go there when I was 8 years old, in the 1920's. I'm 83 now. I didn't retire till I was 76.

Back to Paresh....

I think we can get a draw. But Sheringham has to score.

A big thanks to Paresh (and Russell) for their predictions.

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